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Understanding the optimisation sweet spot.

There's one question I am often asked when I tell people what I do...

"Whats a good conversion rate for my website?"

The answer to the question is often unsatisfying because it really 'just depends' and that's often the answer. I have to give. 

Sure, there are industry benchmarks and device benchmarks (and so on) but there are lots of variables like value proposition complexity and traffic quality to consider that influence conversion rate.  I have another question that I sometimes throw back.

What is the optimisable potential of your website.?​

To understand more about the optimisable potential we first need to understand that crudely speaking, there are three type of visitors. 

  • There are the 'definitely yes's'  - Those that will buy from you no matter what you do. You could probably insult them and they would till buy from you
  • There are the 'Definitely No's' - These people were never going to buy from you. They are the lost soles of the internet. No matter what you do, they will never buy from your website!
  • Then of course there are the 'maybes' - Those website visitors that are neither yes's or no's but somewhere in the middle and happy to be persuaded into one camp or the other.

​So, It's easy to understand that its the 'maybe' part of your traffic thats worthy of your attention.

But to further drill down on the 'maybe' segment a little further, we can appreciate that this group of visitors all not all the same.

Of this audience we can further split the maybe camp into:

  • those that are 'maybe's' but gravitating towards a yes
  • those that are 'maybe' but are really much closer to being in the no camp
  • those that are right in the middle and can be pursuided either way with an equal amount of effort

​So where do we spend our energy?

We need to take an approach that considers the amount fo effort required to get the desired results. The Maybe Yes's are and the pure maybes are worthy of our attention because these visitors have the potential to be converted to the yes camp with a reasonably low amount of effort. 

The Maybe No's should be ignored. While they are indeed undecided, they are an expensive and time consuming audience to focus on.